Here is a short summary of my history and experience with Release. I was diagnosed as bipolar in 2000. To cut a long story short, there were many triggers and circumstances that brought me to that point. Over the last 18 years, I have been on a wide variety of medications. I have been hospitalised for the condition and have my own “collection” of specialists helping me to manage the bipolar. A week after hearing about Release, I ordered the first 2 bottles. Over the course of 2 weeks, I slowly decreased the dosage of my antidepressants, while taking 2 Release capsules per day. A month and a half later, I only take those two capsules a day. I feel much clearer and calmer than I ever did on the antidepressants. I feel like a new person!
Irmi Le Roux
I have a 9-year-old son who is on Ritalin. He has very, very bad ADHD. I came across the Release page about a week ago I started reading up about it. I figured that I’ve gone through so much, I might as well try it. So I started my son on Release a week ago and I can already see the results. His anxiety is better, his aggression is better, he sleeps better at night and his improvement is better – MUCH better!
Release, I don’t have enough words of gratitude. Panic disorder is not well known by the average person but, in a nutshell, it means that the person basically becomes a recluse, because the moment they leave the “safe zone” and get an attack, it literally feels as if they are having a heart attack and will die. This leads to depression and a sense of worthlessness. Another problem is that they become very set in a routine...almost OCD. That creates a lot of emotional problems for the whole family. My son changed form an easy-going, funny person into a “Hitler” over time. We tried psychologists, hypnosis, psychiatrists...everything! To give a small practical indication of how the family gets impacted... one birthday, my son went to the local Spar and bought me a bunch of flowers. That was unheard of!!! It was impossible for him to enter a building without having a panic attack! I burst into tears when he gave it to me... He really only started taking Release to please me and we were all very surprised to notice a difference in him after only 3 days! I played it down and didn’t comment, but after a week he came to me and told me that he himself noticed a difference...he was feeling calmer and not so anxious all the time. His sleeping patterns also changed for the better. My daughter and myself also started taking Release after that, both suffering from depression because of the whole situation and had the same result! No more nightmares, no more dragging ourselves out of bed and moving like a zombie for an hour. The moment I open my eyes in the morning, I am wide awake and rested. We actually physically felt the weight of depression lifting from us! I have the funny son back that I raised... I can, in all honesty say that Release has saved our family because I had to resign from my sales position in December since I could not handle the stress anymore...now I can take on the world, with a smile!!
Ankie Coetzer
My almost 10-year-old son has been struggling since I can remember. He has been diagnosed with auditory processing disorder, ADD and Asperger’s, to name a few. We have tried everything – therapy, diet, lifestyle change... you name it. He has been in 3 schools and was homeschooled for a while. We were fed up and felt quite hopeless, and eventually resorted to scheduled medication... He was on Ritalin for a while but that only made a slight difference and he had the side-effects of emotional outbursts and loss of appetite. We tried Concerta, but it was pretty much the same. A friend of mine then recommended Release. I have to admit I was sceptical, as I had literally tried everything! I loved the idea of the product being 100% natural but was not expecting too much, to tell you the truth. I started him off during the holiday so that I could personally observe him. Within a week we started to see a difference. The best way I can describe it is, it was as if someone had switched on a light in Christian's brain. He was suddenly more observant and aware. He made jokes and became very witty. He was more focused and where he used to be "absent" a lot of the times during social interactions and conversations, he now started to take part in most conversations and does not miss a thing. His reading speed and fluency has increased, as well as his mathematical skills. I was blown away! He is happier than I have ever seen him and he is progressing by the day. He takes 2 tablets in the morning and 2 at night. He sleeps so well – in the past he took almost 2 hours to fall asleep, but now he falls asleep within 20 minutes. I am so happy with the product that I put my other 2 children (aged 12 and 5) on it! And none of them got sick last winter, because it’s also an immune booster. I will forever be grateful for this amazing product!
Liezl Coetzer
Durbanville Agent
My son was on chemical medication for ADD. They caused him not to want to play outside, nor eat. We watched him melt away due to weight loss. After 3 months, we decided to take the frequent letters from teachers rather than having his life like this and took him off the meds. In March 2018, Release came our way and being so affordable and having nothing to lose, we decided to give it a go. Day 1, he came home and said that the pills makes him clever, he could do math which he normally could not do. This was the first feedback we got from him on any of the medications ever! In disbelief we continued with Release and got the same feedback from him on Day 2. As we saw improvement in day-to-day schoolwork, the notes from his teachers became less and less. As parents we decided to try this for ourselves. Release’s promise to relieve symptoms of anxiety and stress delivered, and today our family of five use Release as and when needed. My son got his first ever academic merits this year and improved in most of his subjects. School is no longer like a death sentence to him. Release changed our lives in ways words cannot explain and we are forever grateful
Yolandie Stopforth
My journey with Release started in September 2019. My daughter is 6 years old and in grade R. She couldn’t sit still or concentrate, she was very shy and reserved – in other words, she was an introvert, and never raised her little hand to participate. She was really shy and confused. Everything has changed since she started taking Release. She participates in class discussions, and is not scared to talk in class. Her reports for the third and fourth school terms were her best ever. I am so proud of her! She has more self-confidence now, she eagerly takes on class activities, and her teacher says that she has grown – she is a different little person! In October I decided to become an agent, specifically to help other mommies give their children a better education, since some mommies hope that the problem won’t persist, but then it gets even worse. All glory to God, who has given people the wisdom to develop Release!
I am 11 years old, born and diagnosed at age 1 with severe ADHD + Overanxiety!! I am on medication ever since!! 3 Antidepressants and Concerta!! This is my story! I experience severe side effects of Concerta, severe anorexia, low self-esteem, depression, oppositional behaviour, and school failure all because of Concerta!! My Mom was desperate to help me and so we started to experiment with more natural options. Due to my complexity with medication we were failing with all the natural remedies. And when no magic happens, Release SCE-Forte happens and THEN the face I remember from a long time ago emerges with a smile!! Tapering off all my antidepressants and Concerta, we started with Release. I am taking Release for more than a month, without feeling sick in the mornings, being moody and getting headaches! I took a chance on Release! Let Release help change your life like mine! Because you never know if tomorrow is the day someone could wake up wondering, how did I go so long not feeling THIS happy!
Xander Muller
Lin-Mari was on Ritalin 10 mg per day, but in November 2018, they decided to up the dosage to 20 mg. My frustration was through the roof, as the pills made my child moody, and I was called to come to school for 4 days in a row. I then decided to take your advice, bite the bullet and order a bottle of Release. I stopped Ritalin on the spot and immediately started Release and all I can say is WOW, WOW, WOW! Lin-Mari has become a model daughter and her school work is no longer a problem. Her report was good – she got 68% for one subject, but the rest were 76-78% and one even 81%. And this is after being on the product for a week. I cannot describe my relief to you. It is a MIRACLE product. Thank you!
Corne Slabbert
I am the grandmother of a 9 year-old boy, Luhandre. He contracted meningitis over a year ago, and was severely ill. After recovering from his illness, he started to experience serious behavioural and concentration problems. The paediatrician put him on Ritalin, with dosages changing every couple of months, however the problem kept getting worse. He started struggling at school, developed a speech disorder (which started after his illness) and his long-term memory was impaired. He struggled to read; could not even sound out. His writing was shocking. We were told that we would have to put him in a school for children with special needs, because he wasn’t showing any progress. We must have been to every doctor/occupational therapist/psychologist imaginable, but without any success. Then I discovered an occupational therapist who tested Luhandre. She explained that as a result of the meningitis, his long-term memory, speech and behaviour were compromised. (She used the metaphor of a house with a foundation, walls and a roof and explained that, even though the walls and roof of his brain were there, the foundation was gone.) Each school term was torture, with lots of tears. I literally prayed him through everything. I took him off Ritalin because I didn’t see a change and it made him very aggressive. Then 4 months ago, I discovered Release and within the first week, there was a change. His teacher called me in to find out what Luhandre was taking, because the change was significant. He could read fluently again, his writing was neat and his memory improved a lot. His speech also improved. At the teacher’s insistence, I became an agent, and she also bought from me regularly. He passed his year with flying colours! I cannot believe what the medication has done to him – he is a different child. This just shows you that there is hope and one should never give up. I will recommend Release for any person.
Marieta van Aarde
Middelburg Agent
Aiden (5 years old) has been using Release syrup for 2 months, after I saw the advertisement on Facebook. He is a naturally busy toddler, and is going to Gr. R next year. He used to steamroll everything when it came to school tasks – he just wanted to finish everything so he could go play again. His tasks basically contained no detail. Now he stays within the borders when colouring in and also uses more colours. All his self-portraits are also now dressed properly. When he draws mom, he even adds earrings! His teacher is also very proud of him and says that he is calmer during story time, and even participates in class discussions. Huge thank you to Release for the change in our toddler’s behaviour and tasks. I will definitely recommend your product.​
I started the wonderful Release on the 1st of November 2019, after suffering from severe depression and being on 20 mg Cilift for more than 5 years. I have been off of Cilift for almost a month and drink 2 Release capsules early in the morning. Cilift always made me feel different – like I didn’t care about anyone or myself – it’s difficult to describe. Since I started using Release, I think better, I don’t forget things and I care about myself and other people. When I start feeling down, I take my Release and then I am “A for away”! I thank the people who started manufacturing Release, and the person who introduced me to Release. What is wonderful, is that it is 100% natural! I know many people like myself are suffering from depression – try Release and you will see that it works 100%! ​
Michelle is in Gr. 5 and is terribly tense when writing a test or exam. She knows her work well at home, but when she sits in front of the paper, it’s like her mind goes blank. I must have bought and tried just about all the products I could, when I finally saw the advertisement for Release on Facebook and decided to try it as a last resort. She started taking it and is so calm and relaxed, I couldn’t believe it was the same child. I also started taking it, and I am sleeping better and feeling less tense. Very, very satisfied.
My son Damean has been through many emotions and heartache this past year. My husband passed away in November 2018 due to a fatal car crash. If it wasn’t for the Release capsules, I don’t think Damean would have been able to handle it. They have kept him calm, and through everything, he performed wonderfully at school. We will recommend Release to any person. Thank you!
Today I want to tell you how well Release is working for my child. He used to be on Concerta, which made my child like a zombie without showing any improvement in his schoolwork. I took him off Concerta and started Release right before an exam – a big risk for me, but that was precisely how desperate I was. He has now been on Release for 2 years. At the start of this term, I didn’t give him Release and realised very quickly that I would have to make a plan to order more, and the results were simply wonderful. The teacher sent me a photo today saying that he is the only one in class who got full marks. I really recommend this product for everyone, with or without ADHD.
I was still on Urbanol when I started with Release, but I started needing it less and less. I have now been free from Urbanol for over a month. I drink two Release capsules every night and feel that I don’t need any more than that. I no longer get panic attacks; my mood and mind feel clearer. I am very happy!