We are living in a time where anxiety, stress and depression have become a general illness. More and more children and adults are suffering from ADHD and concentration problems, moms and dads are living under the weight of stressful situations everyday, not to mention the post-traumatic stress disorders, and our lifestyles now consist of fast-paced activities and instant technologies.  

All these factors are bound to get anyone down at some point. It is easy to start using long-term chemical anti-depressants for quick results, but does it really make you feel better? Our mission has been to go back to mother nature to find the strongest and purest natural replacement without having a long term effect on your brain. Something that is safe and that will truly help and change people’s lives.


pH7’s key focus is to create and supply the most natural and pure products – intended for dealing with modern life illnesses. We are not saying that you should leave your chemical antidepressants. We are simply saying that you now have a natural alternative that might very well be better for you. But ALWAYS ask your doctor first.

Our products are designed to improve people’s lives and health, through assisting in their recovery, in the most subtle, natural way, without using any harmful chemicals with their adverse side effects.


Through in-depth biological extract research, combined with ground-breaking tested formulas and the best plant heritage, we are able to guarantee the best quality products. Every formulation has been done with thorough research and care, and our products have been proven to be extremely effective and safe.

All our extracts are pure, natural and have been tested stronger than other similar products on the market. Our products are metal- and chemical- free, and vegan friendly. ph7 products only use ingredients that have been used for medicinal purposes over the centuries, and all our ingredients are at the full recommended daily allowance (RDA) for the purpose they are intended for.

Release SCE products are manufactured according to South African Regulations, in compliance with the FDA’s cGMP practices (American Regulations) and are developed in line with the Top International Standards – a D33.7 Western Herbal combination, as Schedule 0 supplements.